Welcome to the Ecole Alumni Website

Welcome to the website of the Ecole Alumni. These pages have been created at the initiative of enthusiastic Ecole Alumni. Here you will find updates on activities of the Ecole Alumni. Besides the latest news on the Ecole Circle, you will find an archive of Cyberansagen and past issues of The Ecolianer. You can also update us on any contact information changes so we can keep you informed of the latest news from the Ecole. Last but not least, we are delighted about the fact that many Alumni support the Ecole financially. Through their contributions they enable the next generation of students to profit from what has been so life-changing for them: Shared curiosity, global friendships and formative experiences up here on the Hasliberg.

Former students are welcome to visit the Ecole on certain weekends. Contact Sonia Benenson by the Wednesday preceding your visit at the latest and she’ll send you all the details.

The Ecole has high ambitions for their relationship with Alumni. Alumni represent a valuable network and contribute on different levels to the development of progressive education on the Hasliberg. With this homepage we would like to facilitate your contact with the Ecole and other Alumni. If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding Alumni at the Ecole, please don’t hesitate to contact us.