Alumni Club

Which Alumni Club Do We Dream of?

The Ecole d’Humanité is a unique school. So is the experience of being an alumnus/alumna of our school. At our reunion in 2016, the idea of founding an Alumni Club was discussed. It would be great to have Alumni help make the school’s uniqueness sustainable.

But which Alumni Club do we dream of?

We are well aware that the graduates of Ecole d’Humanité together are a unique resource of creativity and ideas. Hence, we created a platform for your ideas, creativity and energy and found the Alumni Club to meet your needs. The platform is called “Stormboard” and it was new to many of us. In our opinion, the experiment was worth the try! Many ideas were presented, commented and voted on.

Here you can see an overview of the ideas posted on the Ecole Alumni Stormboard:

Here you can read all ideas and comments posted in the Ecole Alumni Stormboard.

Would you like to contribute another idea? You can fill in the enclosed question catalogue by hand. It contains the same questions as the Stormboard. Send us your ideas by email or via the post so they don’t get lost!

Our postal address is: Ecole d’Humanité, Benno Breitenmoser, Gmeindi 318b, 6085 Hasliberg, Switzerland

Next steps after idea generation:
We have put together a rough concept based on the ideas generated on Stormboard, on the votes they have received, and on the schools current possibilities and priorities.

In Zurich in November 2016, a group of alumni, current students and staff of the Ecole came together for a workshop. Some also attended via the Internet. Benno presented a rough concept of the Alumni Club (please contact us if you would like to help translate this document from German to English). Participants diligently developed specific aspects of the Alumni Club further and choose in which area they would like to stay involved:
- Choosing the right name for our "Alumni Club"

Update: A group of Alumni meets in Restaurant zum Fink in Zurich (Josefstrasse 146) on January 24th at 7pm, to discuss the various suggestions that were made for the right name of the "Alumni Club". All interested alumni are kindly invited to come and discuss with us, no registration is necessary.

  • Ecole Circles: Events by and for alumni. See for more details.
  • Networking and Public Relations
  • Google Plattform for alumni
  • Custom-made platform for alumni
  • Sounding Board for developing the Alumni Club further

If you missed the workshop, you are welcome to get involved in one of these areas as well. Please contact us if you are interested or would like to know more (contact details are below). We finished the workshop by presenting an outlook on the upcoming months. We plan to send out invitations for the Alumni Club in spring 2017.

Alumni Outlook

Do you have any questions or remarks regarding the Alumni Club? Or would you like to volunteer in or the areas mentioned above? Please don't hesitate to contact Benno Breitenmoser by [email](mailto: or telephone (+41 33 972 92 92). We look forward to hearing from you!